Liberals and Democrats have all along taken the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and we got made fun of for it, mocked for wearing masks in public, and called sheep for social distancing. Now the pandemic is virtually only killing the unvaccinated in mostly rural areas particularly in red states governed by COVIDIOTS who think somehow their masculinity, patriotism and freedom are being taken away when society tries to prevent people from dying needlessly of preventable viral infections. France is now mandating proof of vaccination or masks to go out into public places like theatres and diners, and Brain Milk thinks America should follow suit. Morons who feel culturally threatened by rational science and modern medical recommendations are prolonging the pandemic in America, and THEY'RE THE ONES who are taking away everyone else's freedom to go back to normal.

Donald Trump is under criminal investigation; Arizona is looking for bamboo fibers; Andrew Giuliani is running for NY Governor; Lara Trump and Mark McClosky are looking at the Senate; Mitch McConnell is back on his obstruction BS; Kevin McCarthy is worried about his January 6th phone call; Liz Cheney is the GOP's voice of reason.... the Republican Party is not even pretending to be a serious party anymore.


Want to give back to Brain Milk and The Halfway Post while laughing at Donald Trump? Check out Satire In The Trump Years: The Best Of The Halfway Post. It's 259 pages of nonstop, satirical mockery of all things Donald Trump and Republican absurdity!

President Donald Trump incited a deadly, insurrectionist coup attempt on Congress because he hasn't disgraced America enough, and is running out of time to squeeze in extra Constitutional crises and demolish more democratic norms. What a baby.

December 5, 2020

Trump Family Pardon Party

Donald Trump wants to parson himself, his kids, and his closest confidants... but they're all 100% innocent and did nothing wrong!

President Donald Trump is about to leave office, and we were wondering how crazy and petty his farewell address likely will be... if he gives one at all! In order to better mock Trump's closing speech, or lack of one, we take a look at a much better president's final salute to America: George Washington's Farewell Address!

November 18, 2020

Lame Duck Trump

Donald Trump is a lame duck, but can still do a lot of damage to America while plotting ways to stay relevant after he's forced out of the White House. We talk about the stalled presidential transition, a potential Trump News Network, the conservative social media platform Parler, and future Biden executive orders.

President Donald Trump is a big, whiny baby, and an even bigger loser. We discuss some of the coming shifts in tone, competence, and staff thanks to President-Elect Joe Biden's big, beautiful, tremendous victory over American fascism.

At the first presidential debate Donald Trump, who is losing the election pretty substantially in the polls, needed to convince voters he wasn't an asshole unworthy of the Office of the Presidency. He did not do that.

Federalist Paper #51 is about the separation of powers, but James Madison couldn't have imagined a fascist demagogue like Donald Trump and the coward Republican Party that refuses to check him.

August 2, 2020

Greener America

A conversation on how green reforms are cheaper, more effective, and the future.

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